Ideas for action

Things you could do to promote What Next? Messages!


Ideas for action
Here is the list of ideas that we identified which we hope you might take on as an individual or within your organisation, or wider through networks and beyond:

1. Co-chair the next six week block (dates needed: 19 and 26 Nov)
2. Use ACW’s advocacy infographics:
3. Take part in WN? Grid message 4 when announced
4. Offer to curate @cardiffisyours –
5. Stand as a school governor or local councillor
6. Have contact with other sectors via networks (eg health, business, voluntary, local communities, education (schools, teachers, students, etc), politics, etc)
7. Speak at Ignite Cardiff
8. Speak at TedX Cardiff
9. On the street engagement (eg the Stute)
10. Online – something like #24hourculture
11. Invite people to join Wed group and tweet/ fb/ blog etc
12. Write to or meet with councillor, AM, MP, MEP
13. Support another…

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